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Q: How did you get into modeling?

A: Well, I always wanted to be a model since I was little, but didn’t think I could cause I was short and then got a bunch of tattoos. When I was about 22  I met a up and coming photographer that help me create a portfolio. I put it online and the rest is history LOL.


Q: How did you get into Nudes & Fetish?

A: Well I have always been sort of an free spirit, who loves all that is strange and beautiful. So when I was offered with those opportunities (from my online portfolios) I jumped at the chance, and have loved it ever since.


Q: Do you actually like the Fetish or do you just do it for the money?

A: Actually I LOVE it. I wouldn’t do something I didn’t want to just for money. I am a real fetish lover.


Q: What are your favorite Fetishes?

A: Wow, I have so many, My TOP ones are Bondage/Suspension, Latex, Ballet Boots, Tickling, G/G wrestling, Not Too extreme BDSM…. But like many other as well.


Q: Where did you get your Tattoos done and are you going to get anymore?

A: The ones I have I have got done at so many different places. The most recent guy told me to F&^K myself cause I wouldn’t go on a date with him. Nice guy. So I TOTALLY am looking to get more work done,  a sleeve is to come, looking for a new shop. Might just go to LA Ink.


Q: How many Tattoos do you have and what are they  of?

A: I have 9 tattoos right now (more to come hopefully soon)

Shoulder piece of left arm : A fairy on a mushroom in a forest

Left wrist: Black rose with a blood drop

Right wrist: Cherries with 2 purple stars

Right arm: Leopard print armband, and above that 2 eyes with a cool butterfly design above it.

Left boob: Little broken heart

Pubic area: Right a sparrow, left a bumble be

Back of neck to mid back: A butterfly with roses in its wings sitting on daisies that look like the stem is going in and out of my spine.


Q: What nationality are you?

A: This is probably the question I get asked most, LOL, I’m 75% Italian (don’t really know the other 25%)


Q: Are those your real eyelashes?

A: LOL, I always get this question, yes my eyelashes are VERY long, don’t need much mascara.


Q: Are you Bi-Sexual?

A: I’d say I’m more bi curious, I like kissing girls and booby touching but that’s about it.


Q: How often do you masturbate?

A: It varies, it can be from 2 times a month to 2 times a day LOL


Q: Do you workout?

A: Right now I just do yoga, almost everyday, But want to start doing a more regular exercise program.


Q: Do you have any pets?

A: Yes I have a Black Lab at my parents house that I adore, Raven my baby love. I LOVE animals, on of my big weaknesses.


Q: What do you do when your not working as a model?

A: I currently run a health newsletter and own an accessory business, which keeps me busy when modeling is slow. I also LOVE Movies (HUGE BUFF) Mostly Horror. I have a few TV shows I am obsessed with Heroes, Lost, Prison Break, 24. I also play my Nintendo DS a lot. I ALSO LOVE to travel, and not just for modeling (although that is fun to). I started Skiing (short Skis-Ski Boards) this season  09, and fell in love with it. That’s for sure one of my new favorite past times. Also Like I said I do a lot of yoga, and LOVE to cook.


Q: What is this ‘Chronic Illness’ you always speak of?

A: Yes, I mention this a lot because it pretty much has been ruling my life for the past 4 years. I have Irritable Bowl Syndrome, Acid Reflux, ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’ (its weird Google it of interested), which makes me Gluten & Dairy Intolerant and VERY chemical sensitive. So basically I have to be VERY careful of what I eat or I can get very sick. Its very hard especially while traveling. I also get random bad flare ups, which can and have a bunch of times put me in the hospital. It sucks its making my passion of modeling very hard, but am trying hard to over come it and still model and be happy.


Q: What types of Music do you listen too?

A: My faves are Metal, Industrial, Gothic and Classic Rock.


Q: Are your breasts real?

A: Yes, totally, if I had implants they wouldn’t be this small ;)


Q: Do you drink?

A: No not really I am gluten intolerant (most beers & alcohols are made of that) and the ones that aren’t give me horrible acid reflux. Sucks. But I have other vices ;)


Q: Where do you get a lot of your Fetish clothes & Shoes?

A: Honestly mostly on eBay, you have to be careful of some bad quality stuff, but you can find awesome stuff for a lot cheaper than normal.


Q: Do you sell any of your used clothes/socks etc?

A: Yes I do, if interested please email me modelnikkisebastian@yahoo.com


Q: Do you do fetish sessions?

A: I do online Dom sessions mostly, but doesn’t hurt to ask ;) modelnikkisebastian@yahoo.com


Q: Do you travel a lot and where to?

A: I try to, to keep an eve on my travel plans www.modelmayhem.com/nikkisebastian always had my up to date travel schedules.


Q: How can I contact you for a shoot or custom pics or clips?

A: ModelNikkiSebastian@yahoo.com, it goes right to my blackberry


Q:  Do you do custom Clips and Picture sets?

A: Yes I do, email me like said above describing the type of custom you want and I will email you back with a price.

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